The Twinning teacher trainings are going on. They have started with trainings for Mathematics, and Languages and Communication. The EU Twinning project in education will have similar training sessions for all 92 piloting schools and 42 other schools, which are receiving the new school supplies. This means that there are all together 12 x two days sessions for 134 schools in four learning areas. Day 2 of teacher training took place in Gjakova on the 17th of March 2015. This time teachers from different schools around the Gjakova municipality took part in the training day in Gjakova.

The EU twinning project in education organized its first conference on “High Quality Education for the 21st century”. The conference was held on March 12th 2015 at the Economic high school “Hoche Kadri Prishtina”, in Prishtina. More participants than expected took part in the conference which was a very positive sign. The purpose of the conference was to raise some discussions on the quality of education. It provided Dr. Arsim Bajrami, Minister of Education, Science and Technology a forum to present his strategies on how high quality in education can be ensured. In addition, representatives from both Finland and Austria shared their examples of the education system.