The Twinning teacher trainings are going on. They have started with trainings for Mathematics, and Languages and Communication. The EU Twinning project in education will have similar training sessions for all 92 piloting schools and 42 other schools, which are receiving the new school supplies. This means that there are all together 12 x two days sessions for 134 schools in four learning areas. Day 2 of teacher training took place in Gjakova on the 17th of March 2015. This time teachers from different schools around the Gjakova municipality took part in the training day in Gjakova.

In day 2 training, teachers were asked to present their homework which they recived on day 1 training. In addition, due to day 1 feedback STE Mrs. Nikamaa gave some examples on how the language teaching has changed in Finland. As a final task, groups used the jigsaw method when studying important topics concerning the use of Internet.

STE Mrs. Nikamaa began the day by giving examples which teachers can use in their teacher rooms (staff room), and, why not, also in the classrooms. The first example was a bulletin board where teachers can hang all kinds of materials. The boards are very useful both in classrooms and in staff rooms. The aim was to demonstrate that the bulletin boards can be made by teachers themselves. The second example was a box which can be put in the staff rooms with teaching/learning material such as memory games, texts, poems etc. that they want to share with other teachers. The third example was a learning café where teachers gather occasionally to discuss about interesting matters that have come up in their work, and also share ideas with each others. Length of the learning café varies from 15-45 minutes.

The homework was a three part homework: teachers were asked to try some of the methods in their own work that were presented in the gallery walk on day 1 of the training. Also, the participants were asked to try some of the ICT tools that were presented to them. As a personal homework, teachers made their own personal development plan. Participants were very active and eager to share their experiences.

In the end of the day, five groups were formed and each groups were given a topic; copyright, plagiarism and citing, Internet safety, media literacy, and multi-literacy. After some careful studying of the topic, new groups were formed so that each group had one representative from each topic. This is called the jigsaw method. In the new groups, each topic was presented and discussed with the other members. This method is a good tool to be used also in other subjects and the idea is to teach one another.

By the end of week 12, STE Mrs. Sirkku Nikamaa managed to deliver all first eight trainings in Language and Communication. All of the trainings went as planned and the feedback has been very positive. Now all the material from STE Mrs. Nikamaa’s training sessions can be found in the EU Twinning project’s website under “Teacher Training”.