Minster Mr. Arsim Bajrami opened the Twinning working group meeting on the 23rd of June at Vila Gërmia. In his speech he mentioned his decision, that during the years of 2016-2021 the new curriculum will be taken step by step into use in all Kosovar pre-university schools. During the coming weeks the Twinning WG will be preparing the roadmap, which is needed for the implementation. The intention is to have the roadmap ready by the end of September.


Minister Bajrami empathized in his speech about the importance of quality. The quality of education needs to be improved, and along with the new curriculum the culture in schools will become more student-orientated in such way, that the needs of students will be taken into account in a more efficient way in both teaching and in the learning environment. The idea is to renew the study material, and textbooks will meet the requirements of the goals and content of the new curriculum. In addition, teacher training needs to meet the requirements of the new curriculum.

The new curriculum has so far been piloted in 92 schools. According to Minister Bajrami, all experiences that these schools have attained needs to be taken seriously into account and be used in further work. Updating the curriculum for vocational training has also been started at MEST.

The Twinning working group consists of MEST representatives and the most important representatives of the stakeholders such as members from the Faculty of Education at the University of Prishtina, KPI, teacher’s trade union, parents union, municipalities and schools. The working group has gathered a few times before by monitoring the implementation of the new curriculum in pilot schools, and they have also gone through feedback.

In the first preparation meeting of the roadmap, the possibilities and ways of co-operation was scanned between different parties. In order for the implementation of the curriculum to be successful, it requires seamless co-operation between different parties both on national, municipal and school level. The dialogue needs to be open and constructing. Development work requires also strong leadership. Leadership and Management training provided by the Twinning project supports MEDs and school directors in this.

For the implementation of the new curriculum each responsible party and influential person needs to take responsibility about their own input. The responsibilities of especially the Ministry, MEDs, school directors, teachers and parents was an important topic during the two daylong meeting. Only by being committed on implementing the new curriculum successfully, learning will become efficient.

The Twinning working group will meet next time in the end of August. During September the work will come to its end and the roadmap will be ready.