Minster Mr. Arsim Bajrami opened the Twinning working group meeting on the 23rd of June at Vila Gërmia. In his speech he mentioned his decision, that during the years of 2016-2021 the new curriculum will be taken step by step into use in all Kosovar pre-university schools. During the coming weeks the Twinning WG will be preparing the roadmap, which is needed for the implementation. The intention is to have the roadmap ready by the end of September.

In today's society the ability to use information and communication technologies is a necessary skill. Digitalization is a major part of our lives, including all teaching and learning. The development of the use of ICT in teaching is one of the key elements of the Learning Together EU Twinning project as well. Schools have been equipped with UCT hardware and software and the teachers are learning new methods. However, the challenges of digitalization can't all be met merely by adapting the curriculum and teaching methods. We need the ability to think and act different.

Leadership training for the Twinning working group took place on the 14th to 15th of May in Prishtina. This time the training was a two day training, which will continue with the next part in the end of June. This session was the first in the year 2015. In 2014 the group had three meetings. The Twinning working group is going to have all together eight times two days trainings during the years 2015-2016. The group consists of about 30 members who are mostly from MEST, but also have some representatives from KPI, Faculty of Education, World Bank, EU office, Teachers Union, KEC, BEP, GIZ, and Parents council and MED in Prishtina. The Twinning working group’s members’ organizations task is to support the implementation of the new curriculum, at least in some way. The Twinning working group’s main task is to implement the new curriculum, at least in some way. The WG has an advisory role. The trainings were held by STE Mr. Markku Lepojärvi and STE Mr. Santi Martinez.

The second day of teacher trainings in Inclusive Education are going on in seven regions of Kosovo. The participants who are taking part in the trainings are teachers or MED representatives from all seven regions. STE Mrs. Marja Matero are leading the trainings. This time also our intern Helga Himberg from Finland took part in one of the training days in Prizren on the 23rd of April.

The Twinning teacher trainings are half way for two subjects out of four, which are planned to begin quite soon. Some trainings for Mathematics and Language and Communication finalized Day 2 of the training. The rest of the Mathematics and Language and Communication trainings will most likely continue in May. The participating schools are EU Twinning pilot schools. In addition to the teacher trainings and the support of the new KCF, the project will provide schools with new ICT equipment, study materials and other school supplies. The teacher training in Mathematics, day 2, took place in Mitrovica municipality on the 1st of April, where also our intern Ms. Erza Kelmendi took also part in.