The aim of this activity is to assist in the undertaking of a comprehensive needs analysis of basic supplies and equipment needs within priority schools in Kosovo and in identifying the criteria used in the selection of the priority schools. As there are currently 10 schools piloting the KCF, they will be used as a starting point for the fieldwork and analysis and thereafter a broader assessment of a wider number of schools will be undertaken. The work will expand in the direction of what are the characteristics of a child-friendly, inclusive learning environment, supporting the learning process of all children. Based on the KCF and Core Curriculum requirements and taking into consideration the results from the field study, a minimum supplies package/core learning environment characteristics will be drafted as a benchmark for MEST, MEDs and schools.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology will be supported by mentoring and advice, organising different types of training activities and by providing examples from the EU Member States. The focus of the support will be in joint working with practical examples. The Resident Twinning Adviser and her counter partner will be actively taking part in the planning and scheduling of the STEs’ activities through detailed mission certificates including work programs.