The aim of this activity is to assist the MEST, and here specifically the inspectorate, as well as MEDs, head teachers/school directors and teachers in pilot municipalities in the development and implementation of effective and efficient school based quality assurance processes and instruments based on EU good practice examples, especially in the framework of the implementation of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework. Inspectorates and responsible MEDs staff will be supported in developing a system where school based quality assurance and external evaluation processes interlink to give schools effective support in their quality development with a specific focus on the implementation of the KCF as well as the mainstreaming of inclusion issues.

MEST, MEDs and relevant stakeholders will be supported through capacity building, structured consultation processes and peer learning measures from EU counter-parts in the identification of effective QA approaches, the development of QA instruments and procedures, the establishment of effective QA processes at school level, the specification/clarification of roles and responsibilities of MEDs and inspectorates in supporting QA and in building their competence in fulfilling these new roles. The Resident Twinning Adviser and her counter partner will be actively taking part in the planning of the STEs’ activities, through detailed mission certificates including work programs.

Quality Assurance Strategy