The aim of this activity is to support MEST and relevant stakeholders in developing a coherent quality assurance strategy and a roadmap for its implementation by sharing EU good practices in developing and implementing effective and efficient QA systems in the field of pre-university education and by giving support in adapting instruments and procedures to needs in Kosovo.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology will be supported by a review of existing instruments and practices, a policy dialogue with relevant stakeholders from EU member states, the facilitation of a working group of relevant key stakeholders for the development of a coherent QA strategy and a roadmap for its implementation, by awareness raising and by capacity building measures for a wide range of stakeholders, The focus of the support will be on the analyses of already existing practices in Kosovo, an analysis of key factors for success of good practice examples in EU member states and the adaptation of effective and efficient instruments and procedure for the Kosovo context. The project will support MEST and education stakeholders in starting implementation of an effective QA system in Kosovo.

The Resident Twinning Adviser and her counter partner will be actively taking part in the planning of the STEs’ activities, through detailed mission certificates including work programs.