The aim of this activity is to support whole school oriented teacher development in relation to implementation of the new Curriculum. This will be done in co-operation with MEST, MEDs, schools and Pristina University in particular the Faculty of Education and other faculties relevant to the implementation of KCF, building on the results and activities of other donor projects.

To carry out comprehensive work in the pre-university sector, this activity will address continuous professional development, pre- and in-service training programs. The goal is to envision a multitude of lifelong learning pathways for the teaching profession in Kosovo, leading to updated teacher competency.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Pristina University and other key stakeholders will be supported by the project via mentoring and advice, organising different types of training and coaching activities and by providing examples from the EU Member States. The focus of the support will be in joint working with practical examples and hands on producing of media rich material (visual, tacit, auditory, internet-based). The Resident Twinning Adviser and her counter partner will be actively taking part in the planning and scheduling of the STEs’ activities, through detailed mission certificates including work programs.