The aim of the activity is to support MEST and MEDs in raising awareness, piloting and gradual implementation of the new Kosovo Curriculum Framework and Core Curriculum. This will include including further planning of the KCF roll out, related professional development plan and designing support material for teachers in selected integrated subjects. This activity will also include support in revising teaching and learning material according to the needs of the new curriculum taking into account and, when possible building on the materials already produced and/or endorsed by MEST and other EU and donor supported projects.

Diversity and inclusion in the education system will be addressed through actions including establishment of a working group linking curriculum related missions and diversity training and coaching, including drafting a roadmap for diversity and inclusion in particular for MEDs and schools.

MEST, MEDs and schools will be supported by giving mentoring and advice, organising different types of training activities and by providing examples from the EU Member States. The focus of the support will be in joint working with practical examples and hands on activities, and the producing of material, teaching and learning aids, rubrics and multimedia material to be MEST endorsed. The Resident Twinning Adviser and her BC counter partner will be actively taking part in the planning of the STEs’ schedule and activities through detailed mission certificates including work programs.