Piloting and Implementation of the KCF and Core Curriculum

Activity 1.1

Piloting and Implementation of the new KCF and Core Curriculum

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Activity 1.2

Increasing Teaching Competency in Accordance with KCF

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Activity 1.3

Strengthening Co-operation and Connectivity in the Kosovo Pre-University Education Sector

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Quality Assurance in Education.

Activity 2.1

Support to the development of a quality assurance system based on EU good practices

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Activity 2.2

School Based Quality Assurance

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Activity 2.3

Effective Monitoring Mechanisms and Instruments

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School Supplies and Equipment

Activity 3.1

Analysing and Developing Learning Environments to Support the KCF

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Activity 3.2

Procurement to Support the KCF

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Activity 3.3

Monitoring and Supporting the Supplies and Equipment Delivery and Usage

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The project has ended

The project has ended but you will have access to our website until 23.1.2019.
On this webiste you can find articles, all sorts of materials and reports for different phases of the project.


If you're looking for different materials you can find them here. Alternatively, above you can find materials designated for each project component.

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